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International award winning photographer, Jan Richards, immigrated from Kenya to Australia in 1985.  

In the pre-digital era, Jan was composing, creating and photographing locally and overseas.

Since 1993, through her extensive work in Australia and abroad, Jan supported and managed folk of exacting standards, the likes of whom included executives, high net worth individuals and minor royalty. 

It was during this time, Jan developed her ability to preempt her clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.  This, in turn, matured her photographic talent and sharpened her natural intuition for special moments. 

Prior to her diagnosis, Jan specialised in portrait photography. 

She enjoyed evoking that which was unique to her subjects and consequently sparked an interest in others.  

It was through this emotion, that she could truly claim her work bespoke... the very same that had her clients excited, raving about their experience with her and utilising her images on a global scale. 

In 2008, an introduction to mentor, Lou Marafioti, became a defining moment in her life, and Jan's raw passion to create beautifully executed images was born.

Equally, much of her business success can be attributed to the invaluable advice and friendship of Chen Tay, who has driven and supported Living Legacy from its grass roots.

Jan enjoyed noteworthy successes with international awards, officiated as Judge and Photographer, and contributed to the ABC (Australian) television network community programs.  She still actively supports animal rescue projects and in fact, established the very first Australian Anatolian (livestock guardian dog) Rescue Foundation.  

Most recently, Jan was twice nominated in the Master Dog Breeders & Associates' "Canine Photographer or Artist of the Year" category.  The award is based on service and ethics, contributions and interaction between artist, client and community.

Jan lives just outside Melbourne, Australia, surrounded by her furry family.




p: +61 (0) 488 238 881

e: 816jan@gmail.com

fb: Jan Richards-Galliford (Living Legacy)


Circa 2009.  Today, The wrinkles are a little deeper, the camera is way bigger and the smile is a much wider !!

Circa 2009.  Today, The wrinkles are a little deeper, the camera is way bigger and the smile is a much wider !!