A good many years ago, I was looking for a giant-breed dog to bring home.  I happened across a stunning female, known as Raven.  She was a striking wolf sable Anatolian Shepherd Dog, with the most magnificent copper coloured eyes.  They seemed to cut straight to your very soul, taking your full measure and brooking no argument.

In 2011, Raven had a litter of pups, and that was when our darling Ariel came home to be with us. 

Prior to that, I had been photographing various subjects for a good number of years.  Yet, as a result of my growing affiliation with this particular breed, I found myself being drawn into their world, tuning into their unique personalities and capturing their essence on film. 

Anatolians are not and ought never to be considered “just another dog”.  They are born with an unparalleled aptitude for defence, discipline and evolving strategy.  The more you observe of them, the more you become akin to these acute sensitivities.

Raising one is a long, four-year affair - that’s right, up to four, full-on years! 

Anatolians require patience, compassion, vigilance and a sense of humour from their humans - the very same they offer us.  They are a giant breed with superb muscle-to-bone ratio, plus that incisive mind, which makes for one very powerful being.  They will test you and watch for your own lapses... then test you again.  Yet, despite numerous challenges and highlights, I can happily say that Ariel has taught me to be more loving and patient and, therefore, a much better person.

As for this book, well... 

When I realised I possessed a larger-than-average portrait collection in my portfolio, I did some research and discovered that no one else had actually put out a publication quite like it.  This spurred me on to photograph as many Anatolians as I possibly could, and so began the beginnings of what is the world's first ever Anatolian Shepherd Photography Book.

Now, in the final stages of my life, after having begun work on it two years ago, my Living Legacy wish to see this book go to print has finally materialised.  This is my small homage to these wonderful livestock guardians, every one of whom has touched my life with wonderment and joy.

If I had had a little more time, I would have travelled further afield to photograph more Anatolians.  Nonetheless, I take this opportunity now to thank you for your interest in my book and hope you find much pleasure in its pages .


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