They loved it !!


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Very humbled and honoured to say that there has not been a single unhappy purchaser. Not one.  And this is why...

We are enormously proud to announce that 'The Anatolian Shepherd Dog Book'  is now proudly owned by & displayed at The Saffire Freycinet Resort in Tasmania, recognised numerous times over as one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in the world.


OMGosh Jan,  [the] book is unbelievable!  And i can see how much you love our breed.  They are a special group.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  For your time and effort for this beautiful work of art.

~ Linda Brunetti, California, USA

"Hi Jan,

    I received the book yesterday and am wowed.  It is even more than I expected.  The poem in the back made me cry.  I thank you for believing in this wonderful breed of dog, and even with your illness, going forward with putting it out there.  That had to be a lot of work.  I am almost afraid to put it out (don’t want it to get dusty or chewed by an Anatolian haha)."

~ Laura McMaster, Oregon, USA

"Hi Jan,

I just wanted to say how lovely it was to receive your book.  I sat down with a cuppa [cup of tea] and had the best hour as I turned the pages.  Each one was a delight! Starting with the puppies it brought back such great memories of when Tosca as a puppy.  The photos were beautiful and a joy to see.  You captured the personalities of all the different dogs, including Tosca, who is just a boofhead!  I have gone back to it many times since and have enjoyed showing it to lots of friends. 

Thank you so much for producing the book, you should be very proud of such a wonderful production."

~ Chris Oliver & Walter Aich, South Gippsland, Australia


"I can attest to this being a truly wonderful book. Jan Richards, like many of us, is rather obsessed with the breed. She has combined that with her skill as a professional photographer and has been getting to know a suite of Anatolians over a number of years. She has fought very hard (if only you knew how hard!) to produce a book of this quality.
Thank you once again Jan for your care and talent. You know I love the book, but even the girls at work (who'd be excused for being tired of all my Anatolian tales) thought it was awesome."

~ Erica Findlay, Marlo, Australia


"I got my book today, all the way from Australia to Sweden.
I say WOW!  Jan Richards, at the Anatolien Shepherd Dog Book . you really made it beautiful and unique.  Those pictures, they are almost real.  I really did want to pet the puppies and some of the the other dogs.  I am so happy that i have it in my home.  You made an excellent work !!

Grattis och du kan vara stolt över dig själv.
Det är en underbar bok, vilka fina foton du tagit. Tack så mycket💕

~ Heide Maass, Sweden


"I just want to tell you, we had such a beautiful surprise today. Your book arrived! It’s beautiful. Really. What a beautiful book about the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Those who have one, will love it. And those who don’t now, would love to have one!"

~ Mr & Mrs Walloschek, Berry, Australia


"Hi Jan! A book you sent has arrived today!! soooooo beautiful book!  Thanks Jan <3 All of your photos are amazing.  I'll treasure it   xo."

~ Atsumi Minami, Japan


"Oh my Jan, I am in absolute awe and relaxation. Your book is magic. I'm only on page 70 and I'm looking forward to going through it again and again." 

~ Rachelle Cartwright, Adelaide, Australia


"Hi Jan, I just wanted to let you know that my book came in the post and it is just beautiful.. it is evidence of all the love and the passion you put into it .. Congratulations! xox"

~ Gina Vellianitis, Melbourne, Australia


"Yesterday felt like Christmas when the mailman stopped at our house. When the doorbell rang and I saw the post truck out front I knew your book had finally arrived and I could hardly contain my excitement! Well Jan, it was DEFINITELY worth the wait!!

"The layout and content is so very good! The pictures are exquisite and the quality of the paper, inks, and prints are outstanding. (Being a photographer, and printing my own work, I truly appreciate the often overlooked aspects of prints and photo books).

"After carefully unpacking the book, and dropping it on my toe, I slowly went through the book page-by-page. There was a big smile on my face the entire time. Your work on this project was extraordinary and the relationship/rapport you created with each dog was evident in every photo. The personality of each dog also came through in all of your images. I found myself laughing out loud at many of the images and text because I could relate!

"Thank you so much for falling in love with these amazing dogs and for creating such a lovely tribute to the Anatolian/Kangal. I can't wait to share it with Edmund and know he'll enjoy it just as much as I did. Jan, you've created an outstanding work of art with this book and have done an amazing job capturing the true essence of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Thank you!"

~ Kalena Champlin, Bermuda


"Oh Jan, this book... is just so beautiful. I will treasure it forever. I had a few tears. It's just so beautiful. Thank you."

~ Mrs Moira Harris, Berry, Australia


"A brilliant photo book i just received by my Aussie sister, a generous soul who mustered all her almost last breath to complete this for the dog she loves so much. Well done Jan Richards! You have indeed passed on a lasting living legacy."

~ Adeline Wong, Singapore


"Hi Jan, I just received this wonderful book this afternoon. Have not stopped flicking through the photographs. You have done a terrific job! Well worth the wait."

~ Peter Apostolatos, NSW, Australia


"I just got my lovely book, all the way to New Jersey from Oz. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how glorious it is. The biggest dog I ever had was a pathetic mutt named Pasha (whom I loved dearly), about 1/4 the size of Ariel. Your book has given me a new appreciation and understanding of the magnificent ASD breed. Did not know they even existed. The photos are amazing...everything about the book is amazing. You are an artist. This book takes a permanent place on my coffee table - my cats would kill me for having a real pup, so this is my next best thing. Congrats! you are the s**t (sorry, but this is how Jersey Girls talk....)."

~ cindy grogan, new jersey, USA